Power BI Dev – Short Post

Hi folks,


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OMFG ! This last week has been crazy, with a lot of sollicitations around my last blog post. And the week is not over yet.

We, MVPs, RDs and all other people of the community who animate a blog, are spending a lot of time for you guys, and we are really happy when you give it back to us.

This blog post will be a very short one, compared to the last. The goal is to complete my last blog post with some informations for newbies, and alternative way to do things

I’d like to show you a new way to register your Azure AD Application, directly from the Power BI website.

Please see the following links.

  1. Create an Azure AD account and link it to Power BI, even if you don’t have an O365 tenant/account
  2. Create an native application in your AAD OR Create a web application in your AAD
  3. The form to register an application without opening your AAD

Note that this way to create AAD Application does not allow you to edit the JSON configuration code of your app, which is needed to achieve my last walkthrough.

What’s the difference between an AAD native app and an AAD web app ?
It’s really simple : every script, compiled program, … which is not running on a web server (IIS or others) and which need to authenticate through AAD.

Remember : AAD is THE new way to authenticate to Microsoft’s API, and it will be like that during a long time I think. You could be a little bit afraid by it. I get that. But use, use and re-use it, and it’ll be ok.

Best regards from France folks !


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