OneDrive For Business : Let’s get back !

Dear fellows,

Today I’d like to tell you about a great news ! YOU CAN GET BACK TO ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS !

Forget the damned red cross, and please welcome the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client !


This is over !!!!

So, how can I say that it is working : I tried it in a (little) customer context.

I’ve synced 30 000 documents without ANY error. My customer is using it after I’ve migrated them to a full cloud Microsoft infrastructure.

The context :
– 3 users (SMB… 🙂
– Windows 10
– Azure AD as Domain Controller
– OneDrive for Business (no SharePoint : no money)
– 30 000 documents to migrate from a Windows SBS 2003 (beurk). 10 Go of datas.

How to do :
The first thing you have to know, it’s Microsoft made a unified sync client for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business… So, this will explain that : it’s a little bit particular because you have to change a key in the register to get connected with an O365 account.

But, everything is foreseen in the Deployment package, and you’ll find there a very good Microsoft procedure !

Drawbacks :
– It’s not working yet with SharePoint Online Libraries, but it’s in the pipe. You can vote for it on the Uservoice dedicated page.
– I’ve only tried this on a VERY small infrastructure, but one of the MVP of the aOS Community, Laurent Gébeau, will try soon on a pretty much bigger one.

Capture d’écran 2016-02-18 à 22.09.30.png

« Next week I’ll migrate 120 Go of 23 users, I will tell you more »

I will let you know about new developments on this « in production » test.

I have no doubt, it will work. My customers are really happy with this next gen client.



Une réflexion sur “OneDrive For Business : Let’s get back !

  1. Il semble que Microsoft ai poussé la version « next gen client »(17.3.6301.0127) avec les Windows update.
    Il faut donc simplement ajouter les clefs de registre pour que la version « OneDrive perso » permette la synchro du OneDrive office 365


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