News 2017S08 : Manage your O365 licenses in AAD, SPFx is GA & DeepCoder

Hi folks,

First things first, WILLIAM BORDES was really sad I did not mentioned his name in my last post (it did not happened since several months)… So it’s done in this one !

Before we start, if you speak French, please consider the last aOS Podcast (iTunes or SoundCloud) we’ve recorded with William, Patrick and our guest Michel Laplane (the one and only Visio MVP in France) !

I have also the pleasure to announce our aOS Podcast is sponsored by the French Microsoft DX Team for Build// ! We will be at this awesome conference in Seattle next May, to record a total of five podcasts with the French community influencers. Thanks for the trip guys, and especially Sébastien Pertus.

Here are the news of the week !

Manage your Office 365 licenses with user groups in Azure AD

Alex Simons, from MS Crop, announced sooner in the week, the « public preview of Azure AD group-based license management for Office 365« .

I was not expected this feature, but it really deserves attention. Because it’s more than a single feature.
It will be now possible to :
– Add O365 licenses to a group, and users will inherit those licenses
– It works with dynamic groups. Depending on a user attribute, a user will be add to a group, and the licenses will automatically be assigned to him (Azure AD Premium only).
– Last but not least, combined with the self-service group management, your users (or power users) could auto enroll in a group, and inherit the O365 license of the group (Azure AD Premium P1 Only).



SharePoint Framework is Globally Available

The « future of SharePoint » is now GA, which means you can test it on any O365 tenant in the world. Please note the SPFx is still not supported for production projects BUT you should test it, because it will be the best way to develop on SharePoint in a few months.

In this blog post, we learn the team is also working on the on premise version of the SPFx. As soon news will be available about this topic, I will keep you in touch !

My advice, if you are a SharePoint dev, don’t wait, and try TypeScript, React and the awesome PnP Library (PnP-JS-Core and PnP Provisioning Engine particularly) – with Visual Studio Code.


DeepCoder : the beginning of the end of the developer job

Developers thought nobody could replace them – I was on that side… I was wrong… Microsoft Research and the Cambridge University announced this week their AI is coding and improving some tiny programs… It’s where it begins…


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